Roof Repair and Renovation

Les Toiture Ad Vitam offers a wide range of services for roofing repairs.

Thanks to our know-how, a total renovation of your roof is offered to you and we can proceed to the replacement of the joists and the structure of your roof. We also intervene for all the work of insulation or ventilation of your residence.

Your roof does not require repair, but your home yes? No problem, at Toitures Ad Vitam, we also offer a general renovation service. Whether for your kitchen, your bathroom, your living room or your basement, our experts are at your service to arrange the room of your dreams according to the highest standards of the industry.

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5 tips to choose your contractor

  1. Ask the roofer if he has a building authority license
  2. See if the company or the roofer has a complaint to the Office of Consumer Protection
  3. Request the address of the company and check if it really exists
  4. Ask questions about the types of materials used
  5. The company has adequate liability insurance

Increase the value of your home with a new roof

This is well known in the world of renovation and residential construction: there are different renovations that pay more than others in terms of value added to your home. According to the Canadian Institute of Appraisers, the three most expensive renovations to add value to your property are kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, and finally a new roof.


Why change your roof?

You have already done these renovations but still want to cause a WOW effect to future buyers of your home? Did you know that repairing and renovating your roof increases the value of your home by 50% to 80%? So call on a roofing company such as Toitures Ad Vitam right now and stand out from other homes in your area!

One of the main reasons why the repair or renovation of your roof increases the value of your property is that it makes it much more attractive to potential buyers. It’s simple, a roof in good condition indicates that the owners take (normally) as much care of the interior of the house.

The renovation of a roof also rejuvenates the house look and make it more modern and up to date. For example, terracotta tiles can increase the character of your home. The addition of a green roof can convey an ecological conscience more and more sought after today.

What’s involved in repairing a roof

Depending on the work you have done, the materials you choose, and the roofing company you hire, the costs of repairing your roof may vary. However, on average, we advise you to budget between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 to do the work. Sometimes a simple intervention is enough to make your roof (almost) like a new one. Coins rolled up, peeling paint, shingles damaged, or problems of water infiltration or bad aeration, we will be able to guide you for the repair of your roof.

We know that a roof in good condition is a criterion for future buyers. Even if you do not plan to sell your home in the next, consider planning this expense when the day comes. You could make more money selling your home and attract more potential buyers.


The Ad Vitam Roofing Guarantee

The Ad Vitam Roofing Guarantee? A repair and renovation of your roof according to the most stringent standards of the trade, to ensure the durability, safety and optimal longevity of your roof.

Our team of experts at Toitures Ad Vitam has the expertise to carry out any roof renovation work. Our roofers specialize in repairing and repairing shingles, metal roofs and TPO and elastomer membranes. We want to offer the best roofing service and that is why our team of roofing professionals is able to move throughout Quebec so that you can take advantage of our expertise: Valleyfield, Beauharnois, Brossard, Montreal, Châteauguay, Saint -Lambert and the list goes on. Check our website to see if your area is served by our services.

Take advantage of Toitures Ad Vitam’s renowned expertise for all your needs in roof repairs, repairs and maintenance.

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