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Shingle, metal or flat roofs

Roofing shingles

Ad Vitam is experienced in all types of shingle roofing projects.

Our turn-key service comes with a wide range of color options, a lifetime warranty for up to 25 years and full compliance with current industry standards.

If your roof is in bad shape, we’re able to repair in the best way possible, often times avoiding a full renovation.

With an owner that’s always closely involved with each of his company’s projects and a commitment to constant employee training, the quality of our work is always top notch.

Metal roofing

If a metal roof is what you’re looking for, look no more. Toitures Ad Vitam has built and repaired many metal roofs and can assuredly handle your needs and requests.

A large selection is offered when choosing your metal roof. Once the choice is made, our team meticulously installs your roof, per strict industry standards. Should your existing roof be damaged, we can also consider repair.

Toitures Ad Vitam’s owner can often be seen on building sites with his team, making sure every detail is approached professionally, a reminder that every job is guaranteed and all work is important.

Elastomeric and TPO membrane roofs

Want a flat roof? Toitures Ad Vitam is the smartest choice!

Specialized in elastomeric and TPO membrane roofing, we’ll get the job done—perfectly. Our work is impeccably finished and durability and water tightness are priorities. Backed by our team of experts, all projects are guaranteed.

Your full satisfaction is always our priority and on-site, owner supervision of projects is always a must.

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