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Elastomer Membrane Roofs

The elastomer is a material composed of modified bitumen, more commonly called synthetic rubber. The membrane is made up of two layers fused together: a base layer and a finishing layer made up of small granules, which can be colored.

The elastomeric membrane is a very popular coating because it does not require much maintenance, it is very waterproof and uniform. It is a very robust material, especially since it has two thicknesses, which allows it to be very resistant to punctures unlike TPO (thermoplastic polyofein) membranes which are monolayers. The lifespan of this type of coating is quite long and can go up to 35 years.

The elastomer membranes resist weather, be it rain, snow, wind or even frost. In addition, they support large temperature changes and extreme climates down to -40 °. This coating is therefore ideal for Quebec roofs that we install in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and Vaudreuil-Dorion.

The elastomer membrane roof is easy to install, although the techniques used require specific knowledge and experience such as we have at Les Toitures Ad Vitam.

Elastomeric membrane roofer

We use two methods to install our elastomeric membranes. The first is hot melt, which involves bonding the two layers of the membrane using a gas torch. This is a delicate operation which requires the intervention of professionals and above all should not be carried out by individuals. The second method is cold laying, which consists of connecting the two parts with self-adhesive strips affixed to each of them. This technique is safer since it avoids any risk of fire.

Although the installation requires some expertise, it remains simple, because it can be done in summer and winter, unlike usual coatings such as metal roofs or shingle roofs.

This type of coating does not require any special maintenance, but it is important to carry out an annual check to ensure that there is no degradation of the membrane.

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