Toits plats

The flat roof is one of the styles of roofing we offer our customers. It is a style of roof which is very modern and more and more chosen in recent years. At Les Toitures Ad Vitam, we are the roofer you need in Vaudreuil!

For a flat roof to fully bring you all these technical advantages of perfect sealing, quality thermal and acoustic insulation and flawless water drainage, it must be installed by a professional roofer such as we are at Les Toitures Ad Vitam.

The flat roof is completely in the air of time and allows to modernize any house. If you want to adapt your home to the new trend, you must opt ​​for this alternative. It is true that a flat roof completely changes the appearance of a house by giving it a much more designer style. It is a roof style that is also very common for garage roofs.

Flat roofs

One significant advantage that a flat roof can offer you is space! It can be a real additional outdoor space. It gives you the luxury of adding a patio to your home. Also, you can opt for an installation of solar panels to generate energy for your home. Choosing this roof can therefore allow you to save money!

Finally, your roofer in Vaudreuil can advise you to integrate a skylight with a flat roof. It is the type of roof that is most suitable for this addition. Your house will therefore greatly gain in brightness! http://NettiKasinoti.com

At Les Toitures Ad Vitam we offer our service in the installation, maintenance and repair of flat roofs in the cities of Saint-Lazare, Pincourt, Montreal-west, Candiac, Châteauguay, Valleyfield, Beauharnois, Mercier, Sainte-Martine, Beaconsfield, Brossard , Saint-Lambert.

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